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      Individual approach and consultation for each client
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      The best cosmetic products and equipment
      For beauty to us!

      Your beauty is your success!
      Be beautiful and successful with
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      Styling, wedding, evening hairstyles, model women
      and creative men’s haircuts, coloring, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, massage, beauty treatments and SPA – all this is waiting for you and right here.

      Choosing us, you choose a place where they appreciate and love their guests, value comfort and take care of giving not only a high-quality service, but also a great mood.
      At IRIS Beauty Promotion you will find yourself in the hands of professionals. We will highlight your beauty, create a perfect haircut, tidy up your hands, make your skin fresh and radiant.
      IRIS Beauty Promotion is:

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      Why us?
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      In our salon you can use the Double service. We will take care of your beauty while doing manicure and pedicure, styling and makeup, hair coloring and eyebrow shaping, as well as other procedures.
      In the meantime, our masters will emphasize your beauty, you can have a cup of coffee, try original desserts from the chef of our restaurant, or even have a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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        ЕOS (USA)
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        Men’s Hairdresser

        Hotel IRIS is an opportunity not only to relax after a busy working day, but also to get ready for an important event. The men’s beauty salon in our hotel offers a variety of services in order to emphasize the successful image of a modern man. Both guests of the hotel complex and other clients who value professionalism, comfort and their time can sign up for a men’s haircut , styling, style consultation.

        Masters in IRIS Hotel:

        • help to navigate current trends;
        • choose the right solution for each guest;
        • cut and put hair;
        • trim the mustache and beard;
        • will advise on the selection of styling products.

        Our men’s hairdresser Kharkiv will provide beautiful and stylish hairstyles, fashionable images and effective recommendations. We take into account all factors – lifestyle and lifestyle, hair density, face shape, professional activities and more.

        The best men’s haircuts in Kharkiv

        What a professional male hairdresser looks like, Kharkiv can find out in the beauty salon of the IRIS Hotel. He is not only a master of his craft with extensive experience, but also a subtle psychologist who provides the guest with maximum comfort and convenience. If you like to chat and drink, you will be offered a cup of aromatic coffee and a conversation, and for those who prefer to sit in silence, the masters will provide the necessary atmosphere of relaxation and solitude.

        In the IRIS hairdresser you can not only emphasize your style, but also find new solutions. Experts will select the appropriate option for haircuts and styling, will recommend some of the best options from which you can choose what you like best. Guests of our men’s beauty salon Kharkiv are always satisfied with the result! The “range” – classic and trendy haircuts, hairstyles, styling for different lengths of hair. It can be a spectacular undercut, a hip Canadian, a bold dill, a stylish square, an image side desk. We offer you to get acquainted with the popular haircut options so that you never make a mistake again.

        How to choose a haircut for the shape of the face?

        One of the main factors in choosing a haircut is the shape of the face. It can be round, square, oval, diamond, triangular. By following the recommendations offered by our strong barbershop in Kharkiv , you will be able to get a complete image that will organically complement the appearance. So, let’s look at the features of different forms of personality.

        • Oval face owners are more fortunate than others. They fit almost all existing classic haircuts. The main task in this case is to highlight the forehead by shortening the hair on the temples and bangs, removed back or combed to one side. This contributes to the formation of sharp lines as opposed to rounded natural characteristics. Boxing and semi-boxing haircuts with a minimum length on the back of the head and temples will suit such a person well; Canadian and British woman with an elongated top; top wick with gathered bundle on top and trimmed temples.
        • If you have a round face, men’s barber shop near the city center will help make it more “elongated”, will add more awkward lines. The main emphasis should be on increasing the volume at the top with a short length on the back of the head and sides. These criteria include Canadian haircuts, undercuts with bangs removed back or combed on either side, the site – a strict laconic square, quiff, which combines elements of Iroquois and the site. But it is better to give up boxing and semi-boxing, so as not to get an even more rounded face.
        • Square face is a standard of masculinity. Clear features, strict lines, a clear lower jaw open a wide space for experiments. The best solutions for such cases – short hair, back hairstyles, bangs. One of the brightest haircuts for a square face is a pompadour – like Elvis Presley, with short temples, nape and a soft transition to a combed “bangs”. Another men’s haircut next to the previous one – dill with chaotic lines, looks especially beautiful on curly hair. British, boxing and semi-boxing will also look good.
        • A diamond or diamond-shaped face with a narrow chin requires visual correction of the lower part and “alignment” of the upper part. Excellent options will be undercut, British, Canadian, quiff, top wick with a small collected bundle. It is best to leave a slight negligence on the hair, rather than licking the hair from hair to hair.
        • Triangular faces are similar to the previous version, but differ in the greater width of the cheekbones, forehead. Therefore, to harmonize this form is well suited elongated hairstyles – Canadian, british, quiff, undercut. It is not necessary to experiment with a flat platform and boxes, they will increase the already wide forehead, will give the person unnecessary elongation.

        You can choose any of the presented options or give the master your own style. Our barbershop will be able to cope with any task – strong price = “font-weight: normal;”

        Men’s styling and work with beards, mustaches

        In order for the hair to lie properly, it is important not only to create a suitable haircut, but also to spend time styling it. It is carried out with the help of special styling tools, the choice of which depends on the specific haircut. Our masters will tell you how to do everyday styling and what you need to create images for special events.

        Our salon also pays great attention to the care of beards and mustaches. These important components of a solid image sometimes require no less, if not more, participation and care. IRIS – men’s hairdresser, the cost of services in which corresponds to their quality. Therefore, you can be sure that the masters will perform all the procedures in the best way.

        How much is a men’s haircut in the IRIS salon?

        Our employees are premium specialists with extensive experience and good supervision. We are constantly evolving and offering customers the best service almost in the heart of the city.

        To make an appointment for a haircut or other procedure, you can call the numbers listed on the site or leave an application online. We value the time of guests, so we guarantee a free chair and the best master at the right time.

        In the beauty salon IRIS Hotel you will find comfort, convenience, beauty and quality men’s haircuts – Kharkiv price will suit in all respects. With us you will have the opportunity to realize your needs, create a unique style, feel the image and just have a good time.

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