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        Peeling in the beauty salon Iris beauty Promotion

        Human skin has a unique property – the ability to self-healing. In response to any external stimuli, it includes its protective functions, thus cleansing, renewing, refreshing. However, under excessive stress or during natural aging, regeneration is disrupted, the skin becomes more flabby, wrinkled, loses elasticity and resilience. If you encounter this problem or want to prevent it, we suggest you sign up for a peeling at the IRIS Beauty Promotion.

        Peeling is one of the most popular skin and body treatments. It allows you to clean the surface from dead cells, remove the old layer, opening a smoother and more elastic. The positive effect of the procedure can not be reduced to any result: it helps to solve various problems, ranging from unhealthy color to scars of various origins.

        Using peeling, beauty salon IRIS Beauty will help to improve the condition of the skin in all respects:

        • remove redness and acne;
        • restore metabolism;
        • stop inflammatory reactions;
        • cleanse the sebaceous glands.

        After the procedure, the skin shines with beauty, purity, acquires an attractive blush, becomes pleasant and gentle to the touch. This is exactly the condition in which healthy and beautiful skin should be. Given the invaluable benefits, the price for strong peeling in Kharkiv is completely justified.

        Types of peels in IRIS Beauty Promotion

        The skin is the largest organ in the whole body. And every millimeter of it needs full cleaning and renewal. Therefore, the peeling procedure is performed for each individual area. In our salon you can do the procedure of exfoliating the skin of the face, knees, elbows, abdomen, feet and other parts that need updating.

        Facial remedies are always softer and more delicate than those applied to other parts of the body. This is due to the fact that the skin on the face is thinner and softer. The price of Kharkiv will be surprising for high-quality and delicate facial peeling. This is a procedure available to everyone with a visible effect that will emphasize beauty and improve health.

        All existing peels are divided into categories according to the method and intensity of exposure. There are three main modes of action – chemical, mechanical, hardware. And there are also three levels of intensity – superficial, medium and deep. To determine which of the options is best for you, we suggest you take a closer look at this issue.

        Features of chemical peeling

        The most popular and available today is chemical peels, which affect the skin surface due to various active substances – acids, clays, minerals. It is used for:

        • getting rid of postacne;
        • elimination of hyperpigmentation;
        • correction of shallow facial wrinkles on the face, arms, neck;
        • softening stretch marks.

        Chemical body peeling Kharkiv can be of three types. The superficial acts no more than the stratum corneum, the middle descends to the basement membrane, the deep – to the reticular layer of the dermis. The main indicator that determines the level of exposure is the pH level. The lower it is, the deeper the funds penetrate the skin.

        • The surface treatment procedure is performed with the help of ANA acids, alkalis, affects the skin as carefully and easily. But it will not be possible to solve deep problems with its help. The main areas of application of this procedure – face, neck, hands, décolleté, abdomen.
        • For medium peeling more often use 20% salicylic acid, phenol, retinoids, 25% solution of trichloroacetic acid. For the middle “strong style =” font-weight: normal; “> facial peeling in the salon, the price will be higher, but its effect is more pronounced – in removing pigment spots, narrowing pores, combating age-related transformations, increasing turgor. This procedure corresponds to the age group from 35 to 50 years. It is recommended to spend it during the period of the least activity of the sun – from October to April.
        • Deep chemical peels are a complete microsurgical operation, as a result of which the skin is noticeably transformed. Phenol or 35% TCA is used for the procedure, they are quite toxic. Therefore, such peeling is a task that can be entrusted only to very qualified and experienced professionals.

        Before the procedure, the skin needs to be prepared, cleansed, moisturized, and the relief leveled. Keep in mind that even superficial action is a micro-burn for the skin. After that, she needs a recovery period in compliance with all care recommendations. The price for peeling for the face Kharkiv depends on the means, duration of the course, intensity and initial data of the client.

        How does mechanical peeling work?

        The simplest and most gentle type of peeling to perform is used with cosmetics with abrasive particles. They are applied to the skin and massaged by rubbing in, removing the keratin particles of the epidermis.

        The mechanical procedure is similar to grinding a rough surface to provide smoothness. It is completely painless, safe, eliminates the possibility of infection and worsening of the situation. That is, mechanical peeling can be called scrubbing. It can be carried out at home and in the salon. Mechanical body peeling in Kharkiv in IRIS Beauty Promotion guarantees a stunning effect from the first procedure. Means well soften even rough sites, such as elbows, knees, heels. Less aggressive means can be used on delicate areas – abdomen, neck, buttocks, thighs.

        Professional hardware peeling – safe and effective

        Hardware procedures also effectively eliminate skin imperfections, as well as other types. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, it has become possible to affect the skin in the most gentle ways, without watering it with acids.

        Among the popular options for exposure are:

        • Ultrasound – destroys only dead cells without touching the living. Suitable for sensitive skin.
        • Vacuum – improves blood flow to skin cells, removes excess fat, contamination from time to time. This is a superficial peeling without deep action, to eliminate small defects.
        • Laser – get rid of hyperpigmentation, also used for postacne. The noticeable effect becomes noticeable in 1.5-3 weeks after the procedure.
        • Cryotherapy – low-temperature action of nitrogen improves blood circulation, activates cell regeneration, without injuring the skin. Cryo Kharkiv abdominal peeling can afford to eliminate sagging skin after childbirth, weight loss.
        • Brosage – used mainly to heal the skin. A special device with pumice, natural bristle and sponge attachments is used for massage. In addition to removing dead particles, the device also performs massage.

        Peeling service in IRIS Beauty Promotion

        Do you want your skin to shine with beauty and health? The masters of the beauty salon at the IRIS Hotel are ready to provide her with proper care and attention at all levels. To do this, we offer a facial and body peeling service in the best conditions in the city.

        To sign up for the procedure, call the numbers listed on the site. Our beauty salon peels on a professional level, we will not only gently and gently cleanse your skin, but also tell you how to properly care for it to preserve beauty and youth for a long time.

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