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      Individual approach and consultation for each client
      Luxury masters who are ready to be responsible for the result
      We do not save on care products, but work with global brands.
      The best cosmetic products and equipment
      For beauty to us!

      Your beauty is your success!
      Be beautiful and successful with
      IRIS beauty PROMOTION!
      Styling, wedding, evening hairstyles, model women
      and creative men’s haircuts, coloring, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, massage, beauty treatments and SPA – all this is waiting for you and right here.

      Choosing us, you choose a place where they appreciate and love their guests, value comfort and take care of giving not only a high-quality service, but also a great mood.
      At IRIS Beauty Promotion you will find yourself in the hands of professionals. We will highlight your beauty, create a perfect haircut, tidy up your hands, make your skin fresh and radiant.
      IRIS Beauty Promotion is:

      • Complete transformation in just an hour.
      • Discount when buying a course of treatments.
      • Perfect look for a date or business meeting.
      • Great opportunity to relax

      It’s easy if IRIS Beauty Promotion is with you!
      We create beauty with love!

      Why us?
      We save your time!

      In our salon you can use the Double service. We will take care of your beauty while doing manicure and pedicure, styling and makeup, hair coloring and eyebrow shaping, as well as other procedures.
      In the meantime, our masters will emphasize your beauty, you can have a cup of coffee, try original desserts from the chef of our restaurant, or even have a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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        For you
        The atmosphere of our salon
        Brands we work with
        You can also buy from us:
        Decorative cosmetics:

        Locean (Korea)
        Cinecitta (Italy)
        Cascade of Colours (Germany)
        Cailyn (USA)
        Vistudio (Italy)
        Art-visage (Россия)
        Care cosmetics:

        ЕOS (USA)
        Elizavecca (Korea)
        Tony Moly (Korea)
        JM Solution (Korea)
        Malie (Korea)
        Petite (Korea)
        Carmex (USA)
        Hair cosmetics:

        Davines (Italy)
        Miya Natural Beauty (Italy)
        American Crew (USA)
        Premium class car perfumes:

        LeMien (Ukraine based on French oils)

        Cosmetology services

        Kharkiv beauty salon Iris beauty Promotion is a place where every client is valued and loved. Here they comfortably take care to give guests not only quality services, but also a good mood. Beauty salon with beautician IRIS Beauty Promotion is a place where you will emphasize your natural beauty, as well as make your skin fresh, rested and radiant.

        Professional cosmetologist Kharkiv works in the IRIS art HOTEL building, where not only hotel guests but also anyone can sign up for beauty treatments. The salon employs experienced craftsmen who provide services on favorable terms. Our cosmetic services in Kharkiv will immerse you in the world of beauty, pleasure and relaxation!

        Why choose IRIS beauty Promotion?

        Cosmetology in a beauty salon IRIS offers a wide range of beauty treatments and beauty services for women and men, thanks to which you can feel luxurious, confident and attractive. The price of cosmetology services is available to everyone. We do not save money and use only the products of leading global brands. Each client is provided with an individual approach and consulting assistance. All procedures are performed using modern equipment and certified cosmetics.

        Services of a beautician Kharkiv include numerous procedures to heal and restore the skin of the face and body. Trusting the professionals of the Iris beauty Promotion salon, you will make the right choice and get a great result. Cosmetologists compile an individual program for each client, taking into account the condition and sensitivity of the skin, the expected effect, contraindications, etc.

        Cost of cosmetology services

        If you are interested in the services of a beautician, the price of Iris beauty Promotion specialists looks like this:

        • UZ cleaning – 700 UAH;
        • combi cleaner – UAH 700;
        • atraumatic cleaning – UAH 650;
        • mechanical cleaning – UAH 650;
        • back cleaning – UAH 900;
        • facial skin care (soothing care) – UAH 550;
        • Anti Age rejuvenation program – UAH 600;
        • program for the person “Anticouperosis” – 600 UAH;
        • lifting procedure – UAH 550;
        • lifting procedure – refreshing care – UAH 600;
        • transparent Detox program – UAH 650;
        • Detox Sweet Gold cleansing program – UAH 600;
        • Histomer Nourishing Care Program – UAH 600;
        • Histomer lighting program – UAH 550;
        • Histomer Bio HLS program (mask booster) – UAH 600;
        • Wrinkle Formula Histomer program – UAH 700;
        • peeling (almond, salicylic, azelaic) – from UAH 600;
        • peeling PH formula (Spain) – 650 UAH;
        • BioRePeel3 peeling (person) – UAH 1,300;
        • peeling BioRePeel3 (belly) – UAH 1,300;
        • BioRePeel3 peeling (knees, elbows) – UAH 700;
        • multi-acid peeling – UAH 750;
        • peeling PRX T-133 – UAH 1,550;
        • mesotherapy of the body (triad) – UAH 2,500;
        • cryo-wrapping (anti-cellulite) Histomer – UAH 800


        • general massage (classic) – UAH 700;
        • back massage – 450 UAH;
        • lymphatic drainage massage – UAH 550;
        • face and neck massage – UAH 400;
        • facial massage + mask – UAH 600;
        • back massage + SHVZ – UAH 500;
        • SHVZ massage – UAH 300;
        • hand massage – UAH 300;
        • foot massage – UAH 400;
        • fitness facial massage – UAH 600


        • scalp mesotherapy – from UAH 900;
        • facial skin mesotherapy – from UAH 1,000;
        • mesotherapy of the body – from 1200 UAH;
        • biorevitalization (face, hands) – from UAH 1,500

        Sugaring (for women):

        • bikini – classic UAH 300;
        • deep bikini – UAH 380;
        • armpits – UAH 150;
        • legs completely – 450 UAH;
        • legs to the knee – UAH 300;
        • legs above the knee – UAH 300;
        • hands – UAH 250;
        • hands to the elbow – UAH 200;
        • tendrils – UAH 100;
        • face (mustache, tanks, chin) – UAH 150

        Sugaring (for men):

        • armpits – UAH 200;
        • legs completely – UAH 550;
        • hands – UAH 350;
        • neck – UAH 200;
        • legs up to / above the knee – UAH 350;
        • back – from UAH 400;
        • nose – UAH 100;
        • ears – UAH 150;
        • life – UAH 200

        As you can see, the price for all beautician services is quite loyal and transparent. It is convenient that you can save time and use the Double service. Sitting in a chair, you can simultaneously do facial cleansing, styling, sugaring, pedicure and other buti-procedures.

        Reasons to choose IRIS beauty Promotion

        Having killed in the search engine “ good beautician Kharkiv Center “, you can find many establishments that offer these services. However, only in IRIS beauty Promotion clients are waiting for:

        • new equipment and experienced beauty masters;
        • the best cosmetics from Anna Lotan, Skeyndor, pHFormula, Histome and other well-known manufacturers;
        • consultations of qualified cosmetologists;
        • speed and quality of procedures;
        • convenient location of the salon near the center (event of the defenders of Ukraine).

        If you need a professional beautician Kharkiv, the price and quality of our services have already been appreciated by hundreds of satisfied customers! Put everything aside and come to IRIS beauty Promotion for a dose of beauty and great mood!

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