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      Individual approach and consultation for each client
      Luxury masters who are ready to be responsible for the result
      We do not save on care products, but work with global brands.
      The best cosmetic products and equipment
      For beauty to us!

      Your beauty is your success!
      Be beautiful and successful with
      IRIS beauty PROMOTION!
      Styling, wedding, evening hairstyles, model women
      and creative men’s haircuts, coloring, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, massage, beauty treatments and SPA – all this is waiting for you and right here.

      Choosing us, you choose a place where they appreciate and love their guests, value comfort and take care of giving not only a high-quality service, but also a great mood.
      At IRIS Beauty Promotion you will find yourself in the hands of professionals. We will highlight your beauty, create a perfect haircut, tidy up your hands, make your skin fresh and radiant.
      IRIS Beauty Promotion is:

      • Complete transformation in just an hour.
      • Discount when buying a course of treatments.
      • Perfect look for a date or business meeting.
      • Great opportunity to relax

      It’s easy if IRIS Beauty Promotion is with you!
      We create beauty with love!

      Why us?
      We save your time!

      In our salon you can use the Double service. We will take care of your beauty while doing manicure and pedicure, styling and makeup, hair coloring and eyebrow shaping, as well as other procedures.
      In the meantime, our masters will emphasize your beauty, you can have a cup of coffee, try original desserts from the chef of our restaurant, or even have a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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        You can also buy from us:
        Decorative cosmetics:

        Locean (Korea)
        Cinecitta (Italy)
        Cascade of Colours (Germany)
        Cailyn (USA)
        Vistudio (Italy)
        Art-visage (Россия)
        Care cosmetics:

        ЕOS (USA)
        Elizavecca (Korea)
        Tony Moly (Korea)
        JM Solution (Korea)
        Malie (Korea)
        Petite (Korea)
        Carmex (USA)
        Hair cosmetics:

        Davines (Italy)
        Miya Natural Beauty (Italy)
        American Crew (USA)
        Premium class car perfumes:

        LeMien (Ukraine based on French oils)

        Manicure Salon

        Beauty lies in the details, and sloppy nails without manicure can easily cross out all the virtues of its owner. Some women look after their own manicure or go to friends, but it will be much cheaper and more practical to visit a manicure salon nearby . The beauty salon Iris beauty Promotion employs experienced masters who will select cosmetic and care procedures, as well as make a manicure at the highest level.

        Manicure from IRIS Beauty Promotion

        Choosing our manicure salon Kharkiv , you choose a place where you value your guests, cherish their comfort and take care to give them quality service, excellent service and good mood. In just one hour in the hands of skilled craftsmen you can transform, relax and get a flawless image. Manicure salon near the metro Defenders of Ukraine is ready to apply a number of services:

        1. Gel varnish coating. This is the best way to paint nails, this varnish lasts up to 4 weeks and protects the nail plate from damage. Quality gel polish dries quickly, is safe for nails and is suitable for nail platinum of any length.
        2. Nail extensions. If you want long beautiful nails, our nail salon Kharkiv will make extensions with the help of gel, acrylic or glue-powder. Experienced craftsmen will give your nails not only the desired length, but also a harmonious shape, so that they look well-groomed and natural.
        3. Nail correction. This procedure is needed 3-4 weeks after the build-up. The masters of Iris beauty salon will quickly restore the appearance of nails and take into account all the wishes of the client.
        4. Removal of coverage. Before a new manicure, beauty professionals remove the old coating with a cutter or remover. These procedures are quick, safe and completely painless.
        5. Repair damaged nails. If your nail is broken or cracked, we will quickly correct any defect. Thanks to special tools, the damaged nail plate will not get infected and the nail itself will not cause inconvenience.

        Special mention should be made of men’s manicure Kharkiv, the price of this service is listed on the salon’s website. Modern men also monitor the condition of their hands, monitor the care of nails and fingers. Especially available for them:

        • classic manicure;
        • hardware manicure.

        Regular nail service makes the skin of the hands healthier, well-groomed and pleasant to the touch. With us, you can not only sign up for a strong manicure online , but also use the Double service. At the same time we will take care not only of your nails, but also styling, manicure, eyebrow correction and more. You can get acquainted and choose the necessary procedures on the website or by phone. Moreover, while our masters emphasize your beauty, you can taste a cup of coffee with a designer dessert from our restaurant.

        You can make a manicure Kharkiv center for the whole family. Your nails will receive maximum care and attention from the masters. In our work we use high-quality certified consumables, all used instruments undergo multi-stage sterilization.

        Why do customers choose us?

        Manicure Studio (Moscow District ) is located in the IRIS art HOTEL building. Only hotel guests can use the offered beauty services, and everyone who wants to put themselves in order, plunge into the world of relaxation and take care of themselves. Responsible and creative attitude to work allows our masters to bring to life unusual images, emphasizing natural data and revealing the appearance of their clients from different angles.

        In the IRIS beauty Promotion beauty space you will find:

        • the best professional equipment and beauty wizards;
        • cosmetic products from world brands;
        • consultations of experienced stylists;
        • comfortable, relaxing space decorated in a modern design;
        • convenient location near the city center.

        Manicure services salon IRIS beauty Promotion presents at the highest level. If you wish, we can attend master classes and courses, book a restaurant and stay in a hotel. Pamper yourself with beautiful pens with us! If you want to do nails before the holidays , the price and quality of services will pleasantly surprise you.

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