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        Sugaring in the beauty salon Iris beauty Promotion

        One of the safest, most effective and inexpensive methods of body hair removal is sugaring. The method, which has changed little since ancient Egypt, is based on a special sugar paste that is applied to the skin and then removed from it along with unwanted vegetation. The reasons why he chooses Kharkiv – price , safety, naturalness, non-trauma, durability. Smooth and radiant silk skin after a quality salon procedure is maintained for 2-4 weeks, depending on individual characteristics.

        How does sugaring work?

        Sugar paste is used as a depilatory material in Sugaring. The agent of thick consistency is applied to the surface in a thin layer, then removed, taking with it the hairs that have grown. “Side” effective sugaring is peeling – the removal of keratinized skin cells, so it always remains soft, pleasant to the touch and radiant.

        Step by step sugaring beauty salon to conduct as follows:

        • Skin cleansing and disinfection.
        • Apply talc to the desired area.
        • Apply a thin layer of sweet paste.
        • Remove the paste with a sharp motion of hair growth.
        • Repeat the steps from the moment of applying the paste until the area remains smooth.
        • Treatment with sedatives – emulsions, cream with a light texture.

        Both women and men can sign up for sugaring. The IRIS Beauty Promotion salon creates comfortable conditions for every guest. We employ professional and delicate craftsmen who have the most modern techniques and make the procedure as painless as possible.

        Types of sugaring

        For sugaring, the cost in Kharkiv depends on the cultivated area. In the IRIS salon the procedure is presented in the following areas:

        • Face – eyebrows, tendrils, sideburns, chin, cheeks.
        • Hands – armpits, shoulders, forearms, arms completely.
        • Body – chest, abdomen, waist, back, nipple area, lower abdomen.
        • Legs – shins, thighs, groin, legs completely.
        • Intimate areas – bikini, deep bikini, buttocks.

        Delicate Kharkiv chooses delicate bikini sugaring when there is no possibility or desire to use hardware depilation services, and razors and epilators are irritating and do not suit the frequency of use. Sugar paste provides the most careful removal of hair, even from the most sensitive intimate area. In addition, regular treatments thin the hair, slow down its growth, which leads to the need to visit the salon less and less.

        For sugaring, a strong bikini price justifies itself. This is an inexpensive, effective and safe option to get rid of vegetation without the use of complex and controversial technologies.

        5 reasons to do sugaring in IRIS Beauty Promotion

        The masters working in our beauty salon use natural formulations from leading manufacturers to make the procedure as safe as possible, even for hypersensitive skin. Combined with extensive experience and professionalism, this gives:

        • Lasting effect – a repeat procedure may be needed in 2-4 weeks, and with each new removal the time interval will increase. After the first time, the hairs become thinner, lose pigment and become much softer.
        • Quality post-procedure care – we use effective and mild hypoallergenic products to give inflamed skin maximum silkiness, soothe it and not cause the client any discomfort.
        • Security for every client – sugaring for men Kharkiv can get with the same care and attention as women. Areas of the face, bikini, legs, arms are treated as painlessly, comfortably and without side effects in the form of inflammation, ingrown hairs.
        • Hygiene – the natural composition of the paste does not contain harmful chemical elements that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Our masters work with the most intimate areas especially carefully and carefully so as not to damage sensitive and delicate skin.
        • Cost-effectiveness – comparing all the costs of depilation with other methods, the sugaring price in Kharkiv will not seem high. And when processing several zones at once, you can get an even better offer. Hair removal has never been so affordable and effective!

        How much does sugaring cost?

        Call us at the numbers listed on the website to get information on all questions. As for the cost of services, it depends on the area, individual characteristics and some other factors. Under the complex order it is possible discounts. Yes, only for sugaring feet the price can be higher than for the treatment of legs, arms and bikini area. Choose the best offer and come to IRIS Beauty Promotion to get perfectly smooth, beautiful, radiant skin.

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